Residential Concrete Driveway Renovation

Before and After image of a residential concrete driveway renovation

Residential Driveway Drainage Issues

The main issue the client had with their existing asphalt driveway was minimal drainage of water during inclement weather, resulting in the flooding or pooling of water underneath the carport. Poor drainage over time will weaken the base material and subgrade below the pavement, resulting in damage over time under the weight of traffic. While asphalt has the capacity to last a long time and can be repaired, the client was tired of running into this same drainage issue over time and wanted a better solution that will last.

Addressing The Driveway Drainage Issue

We consulted with a geotechnical firm in which they came out to provide a soil analysis and recommendation on how to construct the driveway based off their analysis.  A soil analysis basically tests the compositions of the soil in order to determine if the soil is strong or weak to build on. Strong soil, with a good density, may not expand or contract as much when it comes to moisture. Weak soil will expand and contract more due to moisture when put under pressure, and be prone to erosion.

Constructing A New Concrete Driveway

The next step was to demolish and remove the existing asphalt. After this step, the proper base material (a2 base) was spread along the driveway and compacted. To ensure a better positive drainage, the elevation of the carport was raised approximates 2-3 inches.

Preparing For The Concrete Pour

Along with the wooden forms, steel rebar reinforcement is spaced accordingly, tied, and elevated with bricks. Wooden expansion joints are added as well to allow the concrete to expand or slightly shift due to changes in temperature.

Image of driveway forms and rebar before pouring concrete

The Finished Residential Concrete Driveway

After the concrete has been poured and been given ample time to cure,  this concrete driveway will last longer than asphalt with less maintenance involved. The results pictured below speak for themselves.

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