Interlocking CMU Blocks

CMU interlocking blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but what they all have in common is that they don’t need mortar to hold them together. Interlocking blocks connect to each other through flanges, pins or a lip and notch configuration. There are several different lip and notch configurations. The easiest way to understand how they work is to think of legos. One block will have an indention or notch and the other block has a protrusion that matches the notch. A strong bond is formed once these two blocks are fitted together. Just think of how hard it is to separate two lego pieces.

Interlocking blocks can withstand heavy pressure loads. They can be used in building retaining walls, flood protection walls, and more. An interlocking block gets its strength from the other interlocking blocks that build the wall.

Reataining wall and ground preparation
Interlocking CMU blocks retaining wall landscape

Landscaping Retaining Walls

If you’re building a retaining wall you’ll want to make sure you install a drainage pipe so the wall doesn’t suffer any water damage. This is true for any retaining wall no matter what kind of block you use.  Retaining walls are good for flood protection or to just add a bit of style to your landscaping. Interlocking block walls are just as strong as block and mortar walls and can hold back several tons of soil. Some interlocking blocks need a footing or trench for stability but many don’t. Ask our construction experts what blocks and sizes are available and what the installation process entails for that specific block.

crane lifting large interlocking cmu block

Large Retaining Walls

There are also large interlocking blocks for use in commercial, industrial, waste disposal, agriculture and civil engineering. They can be as big as 2x2x6 ft and weigh up to 3500 pounds. These blocks can withstand heavy pressure loads and are used to build massive retaining walls, construction walls, storage bays, security fences and barriers. A highly trained construction crew with the right equipment such as a crane will need to be hired to handle these blocks.

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