This commerical concrete flatwork job was a straightforward process of reinforcing and re-pouring of concrete around two concrete storm drains located within the client’s property. The main issue our commercial client had was the crumbling integrity of the concrete driveway around each storm drain.

Image of an industrial driveway in which concrete is to be poured around a storm drain
Image of poured concrete that is finished and curing around a storm drain


During inclement weather, rain and any runoff will run down the concrete pavement and into the concrete storm drains. Because the pavement around both drains had cracks, water seeped into the soil, weakening the soil integrity and further weakening the integrity of the concrete over time. On a seperate note, our commercial client manufactures rough terrain container handlers, a heavy duty tractor like machine that carries and transports filled shipping containers. A combination of this excess weight and the weakened concrete pavement made it unsafe for any traffic to drive over these storm drain areas. Looking at the civil design specs of the pavement around the storm drains revealed that it was mainly designed to handle regualr traffic and not the weight of traffic from heavy machinery.


We demolished and hauled off the existing concrete around each storm drain. We decided to add a double mat of thick rebar reinforcement. The original civil plans called for concrete design mix of 3,000 psi concrete (compressive strength). This concrete design mix is sufficient for everyday ordinary traffic of automobiles, but not for heavy machinery. We decided to change the design mix to 5,000 psi. With a combination of a double mat of rebar reinforcement and an increased compressive strength concrete ready mix, our client has no problem driving their rough terrain container handlers over each storm drain area.