Asphalt and Asphalt Services

Brick Pavers add a touch of old world elegance.

Asphalt paving or sometimes called black-top is the surfacing used to make streets and parking lots.

steamroller asphalt paving

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is used in the following areas:

    • Driveway
    • Parking Lots
    • Airplane Runway
    • Sports Courts
    • Golf Cart Paths

Sometimes you may find your pavement need to be patched.

Patching or repairing asphalt is needed when you have a pothole or crack. Patching the damage now will prevent any further and more costly damage.

Pothole in street


Patching is required when you have a:

    • Pothole
    • Crack
    • Buckling
    • Depression

Using a seal coat on asphalt extends the life of the pavement.

Seal coating asphalt is a measure of preventative maintenance to keep your pavement safe and last as long as it can.

man applying seal coat to asphalt

Asphalt Seal Coat

Asphalt Seal Coat can be applied to any asphalt paved areas such as:

    • Driveways
    • Streets
    • Parking Lots
    • All asphalt surfaced areas

Asphalt striping is required by law for safety issues.

Asphalt striping is what lets us know where we can sross the street, what lane to stay in. and where we can and cannot park.

Asphalt striping and handicap parking symbol


Asphalt striping is needed in these areas:

    • Street/Highway Lanes
    • Crosswalks
    • Parking Lots