Construction Material Brands & Vendors

As a local concrete contractor in San Antonio, Texas, Lovell Construction Group, LLC strives to use high quality job material products for each project. Regarding any commercial or residential concrete construction job, Lovell Construction Group, LLC uses a variety of material vendors whose products meet or exceed industry standards. Whether pavers, cmu blocks, concrete ready mix, and rebar, below is a list of vendors we use.

Pavers & CMU Blocks

Keller Materials serves San Antonio and South Texas a variety of products such as concrete pavers, masonry supplies, flagstone, and much more.

MG Building Materials serves south central Texas and the Texas hill country with a wide variety of products such as concrete CMU blocks, concrete cement for masonry, forming products and much more!

Acme Brick offers a vast assortment of brick products such as clay pavers for a flexible paving system, concrete pavers, retaining wall products, and much more. Acme offers a variety of sizes and colors to suit your palette.

Concrete Ready-Mix

Depending on the mix design of ready-mixed concrete (also known as Portland Cement), ready-mixed concrete consists of fine or coarse aggregates, binders, and water. Admixtures can be used to change the appearance, workableness, or physical properties of concrete.

Vulcan Materials owns and operates its concrete ready mix facilities across several states, including Texas.

Owned and opreated by the Ingram family, Ingram Readymix Inc. serves central and south central Texas.

Martin Marietta operations span across 27 states, including Texas.

Family owned, Beck ReadyMix serves San Antonio, Texas.

Alamo Concrete products services San Antonio, Texas.


Fabco offers engineered rebar, accessories, and more.

With locations across the United States, Triple-S Steel offers a wide variety of structural steel products for all project sizes.