Paving With Flagstone Pavers

Among the array of paving material available, flagstone pavers stand out as a choice that combines natural beauty and durability. As a leading paving contractor in San Antonio, Texas, we harness the natural beauty and enduring qualities of flagstone to create stunning and long-lasting paved surfaces for our clients. Keep in mind that Lovell Construction specializes in the installation of flagstone and is not a supplier of flagstone pavers.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is the general name for natural sedimentary rock stones such as: slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and bluestone. Flagstone comes from different quarries around the nation and each stone has their own distinctive texture, and colors such as browns, blues, grays, and reds. The stones are cut out in small to large flat square or irregular shaped slabs that are perfect for paving areas such as walkways, patios, stepping stones, and pool decks.

What Are Flagstone Pavers

Natural flagstone is a beautiful option for your paving areas but it can be very expensive depending on the area you’re trying to fill. A less expensive but just as beautiful and more durable option is flagstone pavers. Flagstone pavers mimicking the look of natural flagstone but have none of its flaws. Natural flagstone is a layered rock that over time will break down. It will flake away or holes will appear and cause quick deterioration. Flagstone pavers are manufactured out of poured cement; that means there are no layers like natural stone to flake away. They don’t need a sealant so there is less maintenance for you to worry about. Manufactured flagstone pavers come in more colors than natural flagstone and can be cut to whatever size you need at the factory instead of on site. They also have a non-slip surface which makes them safe for pool decks and stairs.

Linear Cut Flagstone

Flagstone Pavers can be precut at the factory to fit your exact design. Stones cut into square or rectangular patterns will fit easily together like tile for a clean uniform look. You can also choose different sizes and put them together to create a mosaic pattern. It will still look precise and uniform but the offset stones will add a bit of style.

Flagstone in Outside Sitting Area
Step Up Flagstone Patio
Gray Flagstone Patio

Irregular Cut Flagstone

Select irregular shaped pavers if you prefer an organic or natural design. Irregular shaped pavers will not fit together perfectly like straight edge pavers. This allows you and your construction crew to be creative and find the best spot for each individual paver. Keep in mind the space between the pavers because you’ll want to keep it a bit consistent for a clean look. The great thing about this natural flowing arrangement is that it’ll make your patio, pool deck or walkway a one of a kind design because you’re not following a pattern.

Green Joints

Large, irregular shaped flagstone pavers are an elegant and organic choice for stepping stones in your backyard or garden. If you have a lush garden, you can place pavers several inches apart and let grass grow between them to create “green joints” so it looks like they were naturally there in the first place. A pathway can be created as well with small pebbles or gravel to contain the pavers which is perfect for xeriscaping.

Flagstone with grass growing between

Lovell Construction specializes in installation rather than supply when sourcing flagstone pavers. Contact us to discuss our wide array of paving solutions, including the timeless beauty and durability of flagstone paving. Whether you want to enhance your residential garden, create an inviting patio, or redefine your commercial outdoor space, flagstone can be an excellent choice.



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