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Concrete was once used primarily for industrial and business uses but now with modern decorative options; it is perfect for residences and hi-end buildings such as museums, and hotels. 

The concrete construction crew will start off by leveling the ground and adding gravel if needed. A wooden frame will be built around the perimeter of the pour. Think of it like a mold that a sculptor uses when pouring plaster or wax. It is there for form only and will be removed once the concrete has hardened a bit. Rebar or a wire mesh will be added depending on the structure’s use and how thick the concrete slab will be. The concrete will then be poured, spread out, and leveled. It can be finished in several decorative ways or kept as plain concrete.

House concrete driveway

Concrete Driveways

A driveway is an extension of your home and should be just as beautiful as your house and the landscape around it. A concrete driveway is a nice clean option and can be extended into the garage. An acid stain can be added to the finished concrete for a bit of color if you’re not too keen on plain gray. Remember to let us know what you plan on parking in your driveway. A wire mesh may be enough reinforcement for a standard sized car but anything heavier like an industrial truck or a boat will require rebar.


Sidewalks for residential or business uses are created the same way as a driveway but in a narrower and longer manner. It is usually finished with a slightly rough texture for a better grip in wet weather. A concrete sidewalk is strong, easy to clean and requires less maintenance than other mediums. Our construction follows the current Unified Development Code (UDC) and/or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. If you would like a sidewalk for your house with a bit more style then check out our decorative concrete options and pavers sections.

Concrete Sidewalk to House
Concrete Sidewalk to House
decorative concrete patio


Patios are a wonderful addition to your backyard. It’s generally used as an area for recreation or dining. It can be flat along the ground or raised like a platform. It’s a nice separation from the lawn so you can be outside but not tread on the grass. A patio is the perfect place for decorative concrete. An acid wash or colored concrete will add a splash of color that enhances your house and landscape. Color tones can range from brown earthy colors to bright red, blues, and greens. We can also create a design by using different colored stains.

Pool Decks

Concrete is a great medium for pool decks and like patios; there are many decorative options such as adding color and stamping. Concrete stamping is the process of adding texture to the concrete so it looks like brick, wood, or stone. A wooden pool deck is beautiful but you need a good exterior wood and a strong sealant or rotting and splinters will occur. We can pour a concrete deck and stamp it with a wood texture. You’ll have all the beauty of a wooden pool deck but none of the cons. We will apply a sealer that can change the color of the concrete if you like and will also prevent any water damage.

Residential Concrete Pool Deck
Residential Concrete Pool Deck
Concrete Stairs to House


Concrete stairs look good both inside and outside of your house or business. They last longer and require less maintenance than wood or brick stairs if outside. If you don’t like the plain look of concrete stairs; you can always resort to decorative concrete options or add tile on top of them. You can customize your stairs any way you want to so it matches the rest of the décor.

Concrete Floors

You make think concrete floors are only good for industrial uses like garages, gyms, and warehouses; places that tend to get dirty and need to be cleaned easily. However, you’ve probably walked on concrete floors more often than any other kind of floor but never realized it. Think back to your school days; the floors were concrete. They’re also in museums, hotels, and stores. Maybe you never noticed because of all the finishes that can be applied to concrete to make it look like something else. Decorative concrete can be stamped to look like wood, brick, stone, tile and other textures. Stains, and sealants, can add a wide range of colors. A highly polished floor can even convince you that it’s marble and not concrete. A marble or granite floor is beautiful but very expensive and repairs can be costly as well. Why bother with all of that when you can get the same look with concrete and at a much more reasonable price.

Concrete Kitchen Floor
Concrete Floor in Restaurant

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