In the dynamic landscape of commercial construction in San Antonio, the demand for specialized concrete services is constantly evolving. Lovell Construction Group, LLC recently completed a critical concrete flatwork project for AZZ Galvanizing on the East side of San Antonio. This project, which involved a substantial addition to an existing concrete pad, underscores our commitment to precision and excellence in meeting the diverse needs of our commercial clients.

About Commercial Concrete Contractor

As a seasoned commercial concrete contractor in San Antonio, Lovell Construction Group, LLC brings decades of experience to every project. Owned and operated by Jonathan Lozano, our firm has carved a niche in providing high-quality concrete and asphalt services to a variety of sectors. With over 40 years of commercial construction experience, we provide concrete foundations, concrete flatwork, concrete paving, and more, making us a preferred partner in San Antonio’s commercial construction landscape.

Flatwork Concrete Performed

The project for AZZ Galvanizing required extensive preparation and precise execution to expand an existing concrete pad used on their commercial property. Approximately 12,000 square feet of site work was prepared, involving grading and sub-base compaction to ensure a stable foundation for the additional concrete flatwork. Though only half was used for the concrete flatwork addition, the second half will be used for future expansion as needed.

Subsequently, a 6,000 square foot concrete pad was formed and poured. This new pad was seamlessly integrated with the existing concrete pad, enhancing the operational space for AZZ Galvanizing. By expanding the usable space with durable and precisely constructed flatwork, we’ve helped AZZ Galvanizing enhance their capacity for delivering high-quality metal coating solutions.

At Lovell Construction Group, LLC, we are dedicated to delivering concrete solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our commercial clients. Whether you are looking to expand your operational space or need specialized concrete services, trust us to bring your project to completion with precision and expertise. Contact us today at (210) 271-3908 to discuss your specific construction needs or request an estimate for your next project.