Split Face

Split face CMU blocks are like standard concrete CMU blocks except that one side will have a rough, natural looking rock-face. It’s the most popular block to use because of its aesthetic qualities and each block is unique like a snowflake; no two blocks are exactly the same. Split face blocks are created by molding two concrete blocks together. Once the units have cured; a hydraulic guillotine splits the units apart and exposes their interior aggregates which looks like natural stone.

Aggregates are a granular material such as: sand, gravel, crushed stone, granite, and limestone. Aggregates are used in the formation of concrete for strengthening and reinforcement purposes. Different aggregates will give different colors and appearances. Check out our color samples to find out what works best for your construction project. Please remember that these materials are mined from the earth which means that there will be natural variations in color. We can’t guarantee an exact color but we will be very close to whatever range of color you choose.

Split Face Colors and Designs

We offer structural load-bearing blocks and non-structural veneer blocks. You can also use a combination of split-face blocks and concrete blocks of a different color to create patterns on walls. These blocks can be primed and painted as well.

cmu blocks wall close up
tri-color painted split face block wall
split face cmu building

Split Face Uses

CMU split-face blocks are sound absorbent and fire resistant. That’s why you see it often used in the construction of schools, libraries, large stores, and theaters. It’s preferred for use in commercial properties but is also useful for residential properties in the construction of sheds or retaining walls.

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