Asphalt Seal Coating In San Antonio

Adding a Seal Coat to your asphalt pavement every 2 to 4 years is an important part of preventative maintenance. Regularly applying a seal coat protects the asphalt from damage and increases its longevity. Think of a seal coat like varnish on a wooden floor or paint on the exterior of your house. Varnish protects the floor from foot traffic and spills, and paint protects your house from the elements of weather. A seal coat protects asphalt from oil, fuel, and chemical spills, UV rays, and water.

Seal Coating Prevents Damage

Water – As we learned in our asphalt patch page, water is a leading cause for asphalt deterioration. It can lead to cracks if it penetrates the asphalt and overtime erode the foundation and create potholes. A seal coat provides a layer of protection that water cannot penetrate ensuring no moisture damage.

Oxidation – The sun’s heat and UV rays cause thermal oxidation and photo-oxidation respectively. Oxidation ages the binder material in asphalt and makes it stiffer and more brittle causing it to break down and crack. A seal coat will slow down the oxidation process and keep the asphalt flexible. Oxidation also bleaches asphalt making it look gray so a layer of seal coat will add a deep, rich, black color to it and make it look brand new.

Spills – Vehicles come and go all day and may leak oil and gas onto asphalt. These substances will soften and erode asphalt over time if they are not cleaned immediately. A seal coat layer acts as a membrane that will prevent chemical spills from penetrating the asphalt.

Surface Area Deterioration – Asphalt that is subject to intensive traffic will lose its top layer of fine aggregate and become smooth. This smoothness makes it slippery when walking on and difficult to stop quickly when driving. A seal coat adds a new layer of texture that provides a slip resistant surface.

A regularly scheduled seal coat application is the best way to protect your asphalt from damage, reduce repair jobs, and increase safety. It also enhances the appearance of your property because the asphalt will once again look rich and dark like it’s brand new. Call Lovell Construction Group, LLC today to schedule a time to seal coat your residential or business pavement.



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