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We follow the current guidelines when working with concrete and constructing flatwork

A 3rd generation construction company with 35+ years of experience, Lovell Construction Group, LLC Group, LLC offers construction services for the city of San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. We handle both commercial and residential construction projects.

Concrete Flatwork

Concrete flatwork put simply is a poured concrete surface along a horizontal plane. Concrete flatwork includes:

    • Concrete Foundations
    • ADA Ramps
    • Sidewalks
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Decorative Concrete

Sidewalk Construction for Private and Public Use

Lovell Construction Group, LLC has been pouring concrete sidewalks for residences and businesses for over 35 years. We can make a simple or custom designed sidewalk for your residence and all rules and guidelines will be followed for business and public sidewalks.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our construction adheres to current Unified Development Code (UDC) and/or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for the following sidewalks :

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Public
    • Custom Designed

Concrete driveways from small scale pours to large scale industrial projects. No job is too big or too small.

Concrete driveways are an excellent way to stand out from asphalt streets. Using wire mesh or rebar ensures that our driveways are capable of handling any load-bearing weight.

Front Yard with small garden walls

Concrete Driveways

Lovell Construction Group, LLC creates concrete driveways for:

    • Residences
    • Commercial Business
    • Industrial Business
    • Carports

Patios are a beautiful and cozy addition to your home or business.

Patios are a great way to create an outside dining and recreational area for your home, restaurant or business.

decorative concrete patio

Concrete Patios

Patios can be small and intimate for your home or grand for public uses such as:

    • Private Residence
    • Apartment Complex
    • Restaurant
    • Bar and Grill
    • Clubhouse

We follow all current rules and guidelines cited in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

All Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations are followed in the building of ADA ramps for public use. The safety of you and your customers are our highest priority.

Public ADA ramp with handrail

ADA Ramps

ADA ramps are available for:

    • Private Residence
    • Commercial Business
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Sidewalk to Street Access

Concrete foundations also known as concrete slabs are the base for your home or business.

Lovell Construction Group, LLC has been pouring concrete foundations for over 35 years. Let us pour a strong and leveled foundation for your house or building.

Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundations are available for:

    • Private Residence
    • Commercial Business

Decorative Concrete transforms plain gray concrete into works of art.

Decorative Concrete is the art of using techniques to make concrete look like wood, tile, and stone or by adding color ranging from earth tones to blues, reds, and greens.

Texas star stained into decorative concrete

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete options are:

    • Acid Staining
    • Colored Concrete
    • Stamping
    • Engraving