In the city of San Antonio, Texas, commercial construction projects demand precision and expertise, particularly when it involves specialized services like concrete flatwork. Recently, Lovell Construction Group, LLC undertook a significant project on the Northeast side of San Antonio for Quickrete, the largest manufacturer of packaged concrete in the United States. This high-profile job involved pouring five new concrete foundations for a concrete production facility, emphasizing the critical role of reliable concrete contractors in San Antonio’s urban development.

About Concrete Contractors San Antonio

Owned by Jonathan Lozano, Lovell Construction Group, LLC has been a cornerstone in the construction scene since 1979. As third-generation concrete contractors in San Antonio, we specialize in both residential and commercial concrete projects, offering a broad range of concrete services including concrete foundations, concrete flatwork, and more. Our experience and local expertise were pivotal in the success of the extensive concrete work performed for Quickrete.

Concrete Flatwork Performed

The project for Quickrete involved multiple stages of concrete construction work:

  • Sitework: Each concrete foundation site was prepared through careful excavation, filling, and compacting with A2 Base material to help with settlement and drainage.

  • Forms: We set up wooden forms for the concrete foundations and additional forms for the retaining walls and concrete columns, ensuring each was ready for the concrete pour.

  • Steel Rebar Reinforcement: Following detailed plans, we tied rebar for the foundations, retaining walls, and concrete columns, reinforcing the structural integrity of the construction.

  • Pouring of Concrete: The project required two concrete pours. The initial concrete pour set the main foundations, while a subsequent pour was meticulously executed for the retaining walls and concrete columns, layering over the initial foundation to enhance durability and support.

Specifically, five new concrete foundations were skillfully formed and poured, each designed to support critical components of Quickrete’s new concrete production facility. These concrete foundations are integral to the facility’s operations, accommodating the conveyor belt, wet feed hopper, drying system, exhaust fans, and dry feed conveyor belt. Each component’s foundation was crafted to meet exact specifications, ensuring operational efficiency and longevity.

As a commercial concrete contractor, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex and demanding concrete projects. Whether you are looking to build a new facility or renovate an existing one, we are here to provide top-notch concrete solutions. Contact us today at (210) 271-3908 to discuss your next project or visit our website to learn more about our services.