Commercial Concrete Contractor In San Antonio


As a premier commercial concrete contractor in San Antonio, Lovell Construction Group, LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality concrete solutions that meet the needs of businesses in San Antonio, TX. Recently, we completed a commercial concrete flatwork project in the Government Hill neighborhood near downtown.

Scope of Concrete Construction

The recent project took place on a commercial property near the I-35 frontage road, bordered by N Olive St and Brooks St, in the Government Hill neighborhood of San Antonio. Before images of this project reveal an aged and graffitied property.

Key phases of the construction included:


Demolition and Removal: Clearing the old concrete and preparing the site for new development.

Site Preparation
: A layer of A2 aggregate material was spread and compacted to ensure a solid base for concrete flatwork.

Forming and Reinforcement: Constructing wooden forms and tying steel reinforcement to support the substantial weight and traffic the concrete will endure.

Concrete Pouring: This involved pouring concrete in different steps:

Constructing a concrete curb to outline and protect the parking lots.

Pouring a new concrete parking lot using a concrete pump to handle the substantial volume of concrete needed. Pouring concrete stairs to connect the different levels of the parking areas.

Installing city sidewalks complete with ADA-compliant ramps to ensure accessibility for all visitors.

The End Result

If your commercial property in San Antonio needs reliable and professional concrete services, don’t hesitate to contact Lovell Construction Group, LLC. We are ready to help you transform your space with the same level of care and expertise we bring to every project. Call us today to discuss your concrete construction needs and how we can assist in achieving your project’s goals.