Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is unlike other paver options in the fact that it is a loose material.  It’s a natural stone aggregate that is made up of solid granite that has been crushed down to a variety of sizes for use in landscaping projects. Crushed granite can be used in driveways, pathways, patios, and mixed into garden beds. It’s a lovely way to keep your landscape feeling more organic than any other paver material.

Crushed Granite Pathway

Crushed Granite

The pros of using crushed granite are that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Gray and black are the normal colors it comes in but tan, brown, red, and blue are also available. Crushed granite adds a natural look to your environment and can easily be added to or removed if you want to change your landscape. Crushed granite also drains extremely well so you don’t have to worry about puddles or repair jobs. The natural look and the natural crunching sound of walking on crushed granite add an air of elegance and rustic charm.

Crushed Granite, Large Stone and Plants
Crished Granite Garden Pathway

It’s perfect for large areas such as driveways because it’s more affordable than concrete or pavers and you don’t have to deal with puddles, oil stains, and cracking. It’s also great for smaller areas such as a patio or small backyard. It works the same way mulch does in that it prevents grass or weeds growing through it but unlike mulch; crushed granite will not have to be replaced often. It’s also a nice replacement for gravel if you’re into Xeriscaping.

Crushed granite is an affordable and durable material that will highlight the landscaping on any residential or commercial property. Call Lovell Construction Group, LLC today to schedule an appointment to check out our crushed granite options and how it can be effectively used on your property.



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